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CS722-HTC-SM (Hydraulic Surface Mount) (CS72-HTC-SM)

CS722-HTC-SM (Hydraulic Surface Mount)

The CS72-HTC-SM automated / motorized hydraulic, surface-mounted traffic controller is designed to regulate the flow of traffic through a secured control point, while providing a visual and physical barrier to approaching vehicles and preventing against unauthorized vehicles entering and/or exiting a secured area.

The CS72-HTC-SM is surface-mounted to assist in the elimination of excavation and drainage problems. With customizable control logic, it can be easily adapted to new or existing gate operators (e.g., barrier gates, swing gates, slide gates.) The utilization of the hydraulic system, with its solid state logic and circuitry, will provide years of worry-free operation.

Length: 72" base module with 36" extension modules available up to 24 feet.

Height: Ramp 3" above finish grade.

Features: Cycle times of 1 second (red/green light cycles), custom programmable logic, time-proven hydraulic power units, and hydraulic actuators.

Available Accessories: Alarms, UPS battery back-up, Red/Green traffic lights, Heaters.

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